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Bermuda 1:2 St Kitts and Nevis
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Bermuda National Stadium : Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermuda  1 :  2
 St Kitts and Nevis
Full International : Yes
Substituted out Marquel Waldron 46'     25' Goal Jevon Francis
Substituted out Lashun Dill 46'     35' Substituted out Joel Jeffers
Substituted out Nahki Wells 46'     35' Substituted in Errol O'Loughlin
Substituted out Seion Darrell 46'     38' Goal Ian Lake
Substituted in Johnny Ball 46'     46' Substituted out Rovan Wigley
Substituted in Jason Davis 46'     46' Substituted in Steadroy Charles
Substituted in Cecoy Robinson 46'     50' Substituted out Irandy Byron
Substituted in Joseph Butterfield 46'     50' Substituted in Javin Matthew
Substituted out Reggie Lambe 73'     65' Substituted out Aiden Nurse
Substituted in Aljame Zuill 73'     65' Substituted in Kirkland Harris
Goal Jason Davis 86'     73' Substituted out Jevon Francis
    73' Substituted in Imran Ponteen

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